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Visiting Valletta: History and Games of Thrones

Visit this pretty maltese capital city of Valetta with me, I’ll show you around.
One thing is characteristic for Valletta – old stone buildings (I mean brown), which is mainly original (I mean very, very old).
That’s rather gain than pain for the capital city – it was already chosen as a movie location for Troy, Gladiator and for series Games of Thrones.

Valletta’s streets are truly charming. Their architecture is like a grey couch though – practical, boring, and it needs colorful accessories. And that’s what locals in fact did – they added colorful balconies and doors and it looks way better now!

Upper and Lower Barraka Gardens will make you relax, stop and smell flowers.

When walking through the city center, white sculptures are a nice surprise. They lack color, but not originality.

It was nice to meet you, Valletta. See you later…

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