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Commercial and oriental madness in MARRAKECH

“Yaay now we know how to return!”

It was true achievement when we learned how to get from the center of Marrakech medina (old town) back to the place we stayed in. I was so excited that I loudly denied a local boy’s request to help us with getting from that brown houses labyrinth. And it also had another reason – they do it for money.
However, it’s wonderful to walk through medina streets hiding several treasures. These are some of them:

 Jemaa El Fna

of course. Person thar didn’t visit this square, didn’t visit Marrakech at all. You simply must see all that chaos, noise, lots of goods everywhere. It’s full of life .

I strictly refused to support “vendors” of animal photos – monkeys and snakes. They torture those poor animals for few dirhams (we saw one dragging a monkey tied around her neck through the square ground).
However, I totally recommend uplifting yourself (literally) on a nice terrace with view. Instead of Café Glacier with awful service and only about 5 drinks to choose from, where most of tourists head to watch sunset, I recommend nearby restaurant El Waha.

Medersa Ben Youssef 

would surely be a beautiful showcase of Moroccan culture, if it wasn’t closed by 2020 due to reconstruction. Despite of that, it wasn’t a waste of time to go there. Directly opposite is a nice cultural place where (in the time of our visit) took place an interesting exhibition. It’s called Fondation Dar Bellarj Des Cigognes.


On the way to medressa, there’s another interesting place – Herboriste des amis – herborist of friends. There are plenty of similar shops around, but this one really got me. A friendly shop assistant showed me this place, I could touch and smell everything I wanted and finally, he prepared tea for everybody.

Jardin Majorelle

This famous garden was once home to Yves Saint Laurent. It’s no wonder why he liked it there – it’s full of colors, ornaments, beautiful plants…

Another beautiful garden

Are you bored from city rush? Visit parc Lalla Hasna near Kasbach. It’s a place of tranquility and nature beauty.


AIRPORT TRANSFER – Service through rideaways was fine enough for us. Drivers were always on assigned place on time.
FOOD – I personally liked chickpea soup  harira and sweet cakes and didn’t like fatty bean soup bissara and little pies filled with something that looked like pasta.
You can eat cheaply on Jemaa, be prepared for heavy persuasion though – everybody wants you in their food stand (they will also clap you if you do so). The best drink after meals is orange fresh juice, which is really cheap.
IN MEDINA, always walk on the right side. This tip comes useful along other people, donkeys, motorcycles etc passing together through narrow streets.
ON MARKET, you will need persistence to negotiate. Very rarely have goods there rigid price, you need to be patient.
Download the app with Marrakesh map, which will help you with navigating through the streets without google maps.
At last, watch the  video with our Marrakesh adventure:

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