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Visiting Moroccan FEZ: palaces, dirt and largest medina in the world

Dirt and beauty on the same place

Imagine the most beautiful house you’ve ever been to. And now, imagine tons of smelly litter on the street right in front of this place. Welcome to Fes, where beauty and disgust coexist together.


Of all jobs, being postman in Fes must be really exhausting – its old center is labelled as the biggest medina IN THE WORLD!


The city is tightly connected with tanneries that still use natural techniques. And trust me, you NEED to have a local guide to visit them, because they’re hidden deeply in the streets of medina.



Although I am not a fancy traveler, I simply couldn’t resist beautiful Moroccan architecture, so I chose this palace (well, not really, but I felt like if it really was one 😁)



Oh, those contrasts. Be prepared for Friday (prayer day), dustmen do not work and everything left on the street… well, stays there. And smells.



On the other side, streets of medina in Fez are eye-catching too (as well as nose-catching, haha). I was amazed by number of various cultural institutions and colors of the market.


Watch also our adventure in motion here:


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