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Unusual places to see in croatian ZADAR

Lots of nice surprises

Zadar isn’t just a regular beach town in Croatia. When you explore it more, you’ll find out that there is a lot to see.

Open sky gallery

Starting our journey on Brodarska street, there’s an open gallery to admire. Its accessibility is its uniqueness – all pictures are painted outside the building and it’s so pretty and colorful! Therefore, it’s a place of art for everyone. Look at these:

Greet the Sun

… as many others who come here to enjoy special time at a special place. Near the Greeting of the Sun, there’s also Sea Organ, which employs sea as a composer. Moreover, the Greeting lightens up in the way the Organ plays.
My advice is – do not visit it around sunset when it’s busiest. There are only few peope later at night there. My favorite memory of the whole trip is when we danced salsa on the lightning floor around midnight 🙂

Friday night fever

If you could spend only one night in Zadar during the high season, let it be Friday. Terraces are full of relaxed people and lots of talented musicians.

The historic center

Mediterranean architecture and Roman ruins – these characterize old town Zadar the most. Colorful streets in the area are worth the walk as well.

The Sphinx of Zadar

Really, I’m not lying, there’s real Sphinx in Zadar. Even though its origin is doubtable, it’s perfect for amazing pictures anyway. For accurate navigation, click here.

Spread your wings 

Well, at least at picture 🙂 Although this wallart is a balloon shop’s ad, it’s perfect photowall anyway. You can find it at Ul. Stjepana Radica, the street which continues from Gradski bridge connecting old and new town.

Watch sunset

Zadar coast is amazing for sunset watching. If you’ll go to the city center, you’ll be a part of community that came to see such amazing natural scenery.

Nearby little islands

They can be a full trip on their own – Zadar archipelago includes 300 islands! We visited the nearest island Ugljan for 4 € roundtrip and discovered such clear water and a sandy beach (Croatian beaches are mainly pebbly).

Another amazing nearby destinations are the island of Dugi otog, national park Telaščica, national park Kornati and others.
Watch my adventure as it’s better to see it with your own eyes than only read about it  🙂

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